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My Story

I'm Erin, a fourth year Computer Science, HCI, and Math student at Virginia Tech graduating December 2023, but studying Marketing in Lugano, Switzerland until April 2024. I'm originally from northern New Jersey but currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I'm a lifelong athlete, starting first with competitive dance as a young girl and moving into volleyball. I like to combine the competitive fire and discipline of an athlete with the focused and deliberate approach of a student. 

I've been fortunate to have three strong internships, first as a freshman as a QA automation engineer intern at an insurance company and then as a product management intern for a NYC-based design and development agency. I spent this past summer in Boston, MA at Wayfair as UX Research Operations Intern!


Design: User Experience, User Interface Design, Wireframing, Visual Design, Illustration, Product Design, & Animation

Product: Requirements, User Stories, & Product Management.

Engineering: Front-end development, & test automation.

Relevant Courses

CS 3724:  Human-Computer Interaction

This course provides instruction on the theories, issues, and practices relevant to human-computer interaction that may be encountered within the workplace or in research settings. As part of the curriculum, I assume the role of a product manager for a project spanning one academic semester, where I assume leadership responsibility for a team of four individuals. Given the overarching theme of "Beyond 2D" for the semester-long project, our team is currently in the process of designing a virtual reality (VR) workout class. This involves utilizing the prototyping lab to create an immersive, three-dimensional exercise experience for users, going beyond the traditional two-dimensional format of most workout classes.

Phase 1 Report

Phase 2 Report

English 3764: Technical Writing

This course provided me with valuable insights into various aspects of technical writing, including general correspondence, proposals, reports, and presentations. The principles of rhetoric served as the foundation of this course, enabling me to analyze different writing situations, evaluate the needs of the intended audience, and gather reliable and relevant research-based evidence. As a result of this training, I developed skills in creating final documents that are user-friendly and visually persuasive, ensuring that complex information is conveyed in a clear and concise manner. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I gained in this course will enable me to excel in technical writing roles in any organization.

CS 3744:  Intro to GUI Programming and Graphics

In this class, I learned how to design and implement object-oriented graphical user interfaces (GUI) and two-dimensional computer graphics systems. Throughout the course, I was exposed to different implementation methodologies such as callbacks, handlers, event listeners, design patterns, layout managers, and architectural models. The practical component of the course allowed me to gain hands-on experience in designing, implementing, and testing graphical user interfaces. I also had the opportunity to learn about graphical user interface programming. Through web programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and advanced frameworks, I practiced a set of necessary abstractions. The class also covered the underlying mechanisms of how graphical user interfaces function, providing me with a deeper understanding of the concepts and principles at work. 

Comm 2084: Media and Society

The course emphasized the effects of different forms of media, including newspapers, film, social networks, and video games, on diverse audiences and cultures. I gained an understanding of the historical evolution of media and its influence on social institutions and trends. The course also delved into various domestic and global ethical and legal issues posed by the media, including intercultural communication and the impact of new technology on society. By taking this course, I gained valuable insights into the role of media in shaping the perspectives and values of diverse societies, and I am confident that this knowledge will be useful in any organization that values a critical understanding of the impact of media on society.

CS 3304: Comparative


This course offered a comprehensive study of current and historical issues related to programming languages. The course covered a wide range of topics, from basic to advanced, including syntax, semantics, binding, data abstraction, exception handling, concurrency, and distribution. In addition, the course focused on object-oriented, functional, and logic programming, highlighting their implementation and application. The practical aspect of the course emphasized hands-on experience with new concepts and languages, as each programming assignment required students to learn new languages and implement non-trivial programming projects in them. 

CS 3604: Professionalism in Computing

This course examined the ethical, social, and professional concerns of computer science fields and work. Topics focused on the social impact of computing, implications and effects of computing on society, and the responsibilities of computer professionals in directing related emerging technologies. Topics are studied through case studies of technologies. Specific studies are augmented by an overview of history, psychology, legal and ethical dimensions of computing. 











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